Tarting up the Boxes

And boxes and boxes and boxes… A side effect of buying stuff over the web, whether pieces of furniture or tubes of paint.  A couple of whoppers recently seemed too nice to burn, and during their deconstruction, it seemed, with their light but rigid sides, and ideal material on which to paint.  But then there were sides, innards, tape, ‘DO NOT BEND’ labels and so on…  Perfect for starters.

So here are the first two. Boxscape drawn with marker pen, and painted/washed with some elderly white emulsion paint found in a cupboard.  The second was a piece of nonsense with stencils, stamps, sponge and acrylics.

Corrugated board is a marvel; it varnishes wonderfully, takes paint well, can be cut, torn, scraped, especially to reveal its fascinating innards, and so on…  Exciting.

boxscape 1 and vase

boxscape 1 and vase

4 vases

4 vases


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