I originally thought of this site as a selling site, but ended up thinking that Saatchi Arts and Etsy might be an easier way of doing things. However, that now seems not the way in which to develop…  So this site has become a sort of hybrid… a viewing platform for my work, and linked to my main gardening page.  Do please have a look at both paintings and prints.  If you see anything you would like priced, contact me directly.  There are some things posted on Saatchi Arts, but I’m not good at the chore of updating the site.

It is much more fun, and people related, to sell through a gallery, if less profitable, or through personal contact.  As to galleries, I have again this year a handful of new painting soon to be shown at the Coldstream Gallery, Coldstream.  They are also selling a range of greetings cards based on the series of botanical prints I love doing, whose range expands, and which I try to keep up to date on here.  They cost £2.20 each, or if you really like them, £60.00 for a box of 25.  That number can cover the entire range of designs, or any selection you prefer.  Postage costs depend on your location.  Payment method to be discussed.

Now that there are thumbnails, and if you want to see a bigger image, just click on the mini-pic.